Beau’s is a proud environmental steward and leader in sustainable craft brewing. As Canada’s first Certified B-Corp brewery, we have taken action by writing our lifelong commitment to people and planet into our incorporation papers, to ensure these values stay at the core of our business for years to come. Our sustainability actions to date have twice earned us recognition by the LCBO as their top supplier for sustainability efforts and environmental commitment, in 2017 and 2014.

At Beau’s, we recognize that the current climate crisis is one of the most significant threats of our lifetime. At the heart of sustainable brewing is ensuring that both we and future generations have a healthy planet producing ingredients, and healthy communities to support what we do, and enjoy what we brew. Climate change is not inevitable – each of us can make personal choices to lead to collective action. With this in mind, we are proud to highlight Beau’s Local Organic, Canada’s most sustainable beer. 

Local Organic is the only beer in Canada that is both certified organic and certified carbon neutral. Additionally, it’s made with 100% local Ontario hops and 100% local Quebec malts, and is brewed with green electricity. By choosing Beau’s Local Organic, you are doing your part to take action against climate change, and reduce your personal carbon footprint.

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Canada’s most sustainable beer

What makes Beau’s Local Organic Canada’s most sustainable beer? We have taken a holistic approach to sustainability, looking at the entire lifecycle of this beer, and taking care to reduce its carbon footprint wherever possible at each step of the way. For example:

  • Hops and malts are grown and processed within Ontario and Quebec
  • Ingredients come from Certified Organic farms
  • Beau’s purchases renewable electricity for 100% of the brewery’s electricity demand
  • Beau’s uses Canadian-based carbon offsets to mitigate all residual emissions that are generated from the life cycle carbon footprint of Local Organic

Certain carbon emissions are unavoidable in the process of growing barley, brewing, packaging and delivering beer. As a result, in addition to the decisions that Beau’s has made to reduce the carbon footprint of Local Organic as much as possible, Beau’s will continue to invest in Canadian carbon offset projects equal to the emissions that are generated from the product’s carbon footprint.

Local Organic

How do these choices affect sustainability?

Local Ingredients: Our locally grown hops and malts travel much shorter distances from farmer’s field to fermenter than most, so less carbon-emitting fuels like diesel and gasoline are used in transporting them. By supporting a local economy, we are helping these local farms succeed and grow their own sustainability actions. Hops come from a handful of organic hop yards in Ontario, and malts from Malterie Frontenac in Thetford Mines, QC.

Certified Organic: Our supply chain for Local Organic supports certified organic farms that do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. This practice removes the carbon emissions associated with producing these products from our supply chain. The third-party certification by Pro-Cert Systems Ltd. assures that our organic claims are independently verified.

Green Electricity: The electricity used at Beau’s to produce Local Organic (and all the beers we brew!) is measured all year long. For each megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity used, Beau’s purchases one MWh of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), which represents the addition of clean and renewable wind-powered electricity in an back into our local electricity grids. This practice results in net zero CO2 emissions for 100% of the electricity required to brew the beer at our brewery. Since 2014, our Renewable Energy Sourcing program has helped to avoid the generation of 180 tonnes of CO2-equivalent, which is the carbon footprint that would be generated by nearly 650 Ontario homes’ electricity use for one year.

Carbonzero Certified: Beau’s Brewery has partnered with Carbonzero to certify Local Organic as a carbon neutral product. In 2021, Beau’s completed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)  on Local Organic, which measured the carbon footprint of each stage of the beer’s production, from raw material sourcing all the way through to final disposal of our 473-mL can. Carbonzero completed the LCA in alignment with that the PAS2050 Standard, which sets out the specifications for the assessment of life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services. After determining the carbon footprint for every can (and keg!) produced, Beau’s invested in the Niagara Escarpment Forest Carbon Project to mitigate any emissions that we were unable to reduce down to zero, allowing us to make a carbon neutral claim.

More Sustainability Initiatives from Beau’s

  • Beau’s became certified as a B-Corp (Benefit Corporation) in 2014. B-Corps are third-party audited to ensure they meet strict standards for our environment, our employees, and the social good we do. We were the first-ever certified B-Corp brewery in Canada.
  • We have wastewater treatment equipment installed onsite at the brewery, which eases our impact on our local environment. Our spent grains go to local farmers for feed. Spent yeast is sent to a biodigester where they create energy to help power a local farm.
  • We support employees in embracing company sustainability values with incentives that include a carpooling/ride-to-work program and paid volunteer days.
  • In 2018 we participated in an innovative waste and food loss study that has helped us greatly lower our annual energy use by wasting less beer in our daily processes. Results are here. http://www3.cec.org/flwm/case-studies/
  • Since 2006, Beau’s has raised more than $2 million for charity, community, independent arts, and equality.

What you can do to make a difference every day

  • Buy more locally grown produce and locally made items
  • When you have a choice, leave your car at home
  • Reduce the energy you consume, and try to choose renewable sources
  • Find or create ways to reduce waste
  • Look for carbon-neutral products when you shop

Where to find Beau’s Local Organic

Local Organic will be available where its ingredients come from, Ontario and Quebec. It can be purchased at our brewery and online store, select LCBOs, as well as craft-friendly retailers in Quebec. We know that the action needed to address climate change is global. If you are outside of our limits, please support a Certified B-Corp brewery near you.


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