Good Time Clay Pot Pork by Foundry Kitchen & Bar

“This is a fun variation on a traditional Vietnamese Dish that is served during the lunar new year (and also all year…).  What makes it a fun variation you ask?  Beer!  Beer makes a lot of things fun and this dish is guaranteed to be a “Good Time” thanks to a splash of Beau’s beer. Don’t worry if you don’t have a clay pot; a heavy bottomed pot or enamelled Dutch oven will work just fine… it’s what I use. Serve with dish with a good helping of warm sticky rice (also called “sweet rice”) and lime wedge for squeezin’ and wash it down with a Good Time Session IPA.”

– Steve Lovisa, Chef at Foundry Kitchen & Bar

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  • Sugar, 1/3 cup
  • Garlic, minced 2 cloves
  • Shallots, brunoise 2 ea
  • Ginger, minced 1 Tbs
  • Chili flakes, 1 tsp
  • Green Onion Whites, sliced 4 ea
  • Star anise, 1 ea
  • Black Pepper, 1 tsp
  • Fish Sauce, 2 Tbs
  • Soy Sauce, 3 Tbs
  • Coconut Water, 1 cup
  • Beau’s Good Time Session IPA, 1 cup
  • Pork Shoulder, cut into 1″ cubes 1 kg
  • Green Onion Greens, sliced 4 ea
  • Hard Boiled Egg, peeled 4
  • Sticky Rice
  • Lime


  1. Combine garlic, shallots, ginger, chili flakes, green onion whites, star anise, black pepper, fish sauce, soy sauce, coconut water, Good Time IPA (drink the rest while you cook) and pork in a container and let marinade for a few hours (overnight is cool too and so is a however much time you have to spare).
  2. Heat your pot over medium heat and add your sugar.
  3. Stir your sugar to make sure it melts and caramelizes evenly.
  4. While your sugar is caramelizing take your pork out of the marinade and set aside (don’t you dare throw that marinade out ‘cause you’ll need it!).
  5. Once your sugar has reached a golden brown add your pork to the pot. The sugar will seize up and turn to candy and that’s ok; just keep stirring until the pork and sugar caramelize to a deep brown (be careful not to burn it).
  6. Pour in your marinade and stir. Your sugar will eventually melt back into the liquid and give the sauce a nice tackiness (that’s what you want).
  7. Bring everything to a simmer, cover and let simmer for 30 minutes stirring occasionally.
  8. After 30 minutes add your peeled eggs to the mix, cover and simmer for another 10-20 minutes. Peek in now and then and turn your eggs to make sure they’re getting colour all around.
  9. Remove the lid and continue to simmer to thicken the sauce if it seems too loose.
  10. You should have a dark, fragrant, only slightly sticky sauce packed with flavour.
  11. Remove the star anise because it is truly awful to bite into.
  12. Serve this deliciousness over warm sticky rice, garnish with the sliced green onion greens and a lime wedge.
  13. Crack a Good Time Session IPA and enjoy!

Pro Tip:  This dish makes great leftovers too.  Just serve it cold with crisp lettuce wraps and lord it over your friends while they eat subpar leftovers.  Good Times.

Recipe by Foundry Kitchen & Bar


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