At Beau’s, we’re proud to be environmental stewards and leaders in sustainable craft brewing.

All of our beers are certified organic and made with 100% certified organic malts and hops, and local spring water. We have implemented a purchasing policy that favours local suppliers, those with good environmental track records, and who treat their employees fairly and with respect. We buy certified organic locally-grown hops from Old 4th Hop Yard (Glengarry, ON), Big Head Hops (Meaford, ON) and Houblons Franklin (Saint-Antoine Abbé, QC), as well as malts from Malterie Frontenac (Thetford Mines, QC) and fermentation from Escarpment Laboratories (Guelph, ON).

As of 2016, two of our delivery trucks are running on 100% green fuel sourced from repurposed waste streams, reducing the environmental impact of our transportation methods.

In 2014, we became the first craft brewery in Canada to choose 100% green natural gas in addition to 100% green electricity with Bullfrog Power. Following an energy audit in 2009, we set out and achieved a goal of reducing our energy consumption at the brewery by 50% over the following three years.

Beau’s is one of a small number of breweries in North America using beer labels made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Our innovative, award-winning 4-pack of beer features 17.3% more beer yet uses fewer bottles, caps and labels and less box than an average 6-pack. We are also using 100% post-consumer recycled posters, business cards, brochures, and coasters.

In October 2013, Beau’s became the very first Canadian brewery to achieve Benefit Corporation certification. For us the B Corp certification is about making a public commitment to maintaining our high ethical standards, and to being open and honest with the people in our communities who buy our beer. We donate to more than 100 independent arts and music, community-building and charitable organizations every year.

At Beau’s, we support employees in embracing company sustainability values with incentives that include a carpooling/ride-to-work program, and a weekly delivery of organic veggies from a local CSA.


2016 Built To Last Award (B-Corp #BInspired Awards)

2014 Environmental Commitment Award, LCBO “Elsie” Awards

2013 Sustainability Accomplishments Award, Ontario Craft Brewers Centre of Excellence Awards

2013 Community Builder of the Year Award (Ottawa United Way)

2013 Community Achievement Award (Prescott Russell Excellence Awards)

At Beau’s we are continually building on the same values we started the brewery with: essentially, the belief that beer tastes better when you can feel good about drinking it.

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