Wag the Wolf - bottle and glass

Wag the Wolf Tropical Pizza

June 23 • An original recipe by Beau’s Chef Bruce A variation on the Canadian Favourite – Hawaiian pizza. This pizza will pair well with Wag the Wolf.  The tropical fruit notes in the beer will be picked up by the grilled peaches and the fresh mozzarella.  The peaches will pick up nicely with the tropical fruit flavours in the beer, and the...

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Just Tapped – Weekly Round-up

June 22 • A weekly round-up of awesome beer events, restaurants that you should try, and a look inside Beau’s co-founder Steve’s fridge to see what he’s been drinking. You don’t want to miss these events: June 23 to 26 – Taste of Toronto: Here’s your chance to try signature dishes from Toronto’s finest restaurants, participate in live cooking demos from world-class chefs...

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Buenos Dias Scallop Ceviche

June 21 • Fresh and citrusy, this recipe is a beautiful combination of impeccably fresh seafood, citrus & herbs. With a touch of chili heat it is perfect to play with the citrus notes & freshness of Buenos Dias. Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes Yield: 4 appetizer servings, 2 entree servings Ingredients: 8 large fresh scallops, sliced in half lengthwise...

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Lug Tread 10th (11)

Beau’s brings back ceramic bottles of Lug Tread for its 10th birthday

June 17 • Beau’s All Natural is releasing a special gift this summer for long-time fans of the local craft brewery. Its flagship Lug Tread lagered ale will begin hitting LCBO shelves early next week, in collector’s edition 750 ml decorated ceramic bottles. Intended to celebrate Beau’s 10th birthday on July 1, the run is limited to 15,000 bottles, and are expected to...

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Three limited-edition beers to commemorate Beau’s 10th Birthday

June 16 • Beau’s is releasing three distinctive new beers on July 2, celebrating 10 years as a local craft brewery: in addition to “Batch 5000,” a.k.a. the official five-thousandth batch of beer brewed by Beau’s, two new collaborative beers made with Kissmeyer Beer and Gigantic Brewing will also be released. The bottles, which feature limited-edition labels, will be available directly from the...

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Happy 10th birthday Beau’s! Local brewery celebrates on July 2

June 16 • Local craft brewery Beau’s All Natural will be turning 10 this July, and will be celebrating the special occasion with a birthday party in Vankleek Hill. The party will be held Saturday July 2, and will be two-part: a daytime family-friendly event from 11 am – 6 pm at the brewery, and an evening party from 6:30 pm on with...

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Lug Tread 10th (3)

Lug-Tread Grilled Flank Steak with Charred Onions & Blue Cheese

June 13 • Tender flank steak marinated with fresh ingredients topped with charred onions and blue cheese. This is a go-to for entertaining in the Summer alongside a summer greens salad. Cooked as whole pieces and then sliced thinly, flank steak is easier to manage than multiple steaks on the grill.  Best enjoyed with a Beau’s Lug Tread.   Prep time: 15 minutes...

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