A Beau’s beer for everyone at your Thanksgiving table

Featuring The Fall Mix.

It’s tough to please everyone. That’s why we’ve lined up this fun little Thanksgiving guide to help you please all of your guests — whatever their particular tastes may be. Bonus: it’s all found in one handy dandy box. Get it where you buy your Beau’s.

Ontario craft beer, brewery

The Stuffing Fanatic.

What to give them: Cranberry Derby (Cranberry Oat Ale, 6.3%)

There’s one at every Thanksgiving gathering: The guest who loads up on the stuffing. Given their obvious appetite for the starchy, savoury good stuff, Cranberry Derby is the beer for them. It’ll cut through that stuffing, but also complement the flavours. Pro-tip: Load your stuffing with dried cranberries (thank us later).



Ontario craft beer, brewery

The Gastronomist

What to give them: The Spice Principle (Spiced Weissbier, 5.6%)

The epicurean at your table may be a challenge to impress. The Spice Principle is the beer for them. This spiced weissbier puts to use a bounty of 12 different organic spices, so the gastronomist can put their refined palate to good use as they identify the complexity at play in this German-style wheat ale.



The Over-indulger

What to give them: Sergeant Stripes (Export Stout, 7.9%)

This guest deserves a big beer. Sergeant Stripes is the perfect beer for that one guest who likes to kick back, loosen their belt and maybe even doze off a little after dinner. Hand it to ‘em at dessert — this malty export stout pairs beautifully with chocolate.



Ontario craft beer, brewery

The Traditionalist

What to give them: Lug Tread (Lagered Ale, 5.2%)

The traditionalist at your Thanksgiving feast may be scared off by anything too out-of-the-ordinary. Fortunately Lug Tread is there for them. Beau’s flagship beer pairs well with just about anything, and its taste is crisp, balanced and refreshing.



The Beau’s Fall Mix is available now in Ontario at the LCBO and The Beer Store. It’s also available in British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. In Québec, each beer in the mix pack is sold separately. Get yours in time for Thanksgiving!


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