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We did it!

After three years of converting sips of beer into sustainability initiatives, in 2017 Beau’s announced closing time for the Greener Futures Project Barrel Aged Beer Club. The project was initially conceived as members-only beer club that would sell special barrel-aged Beau’s releases to raise enough money to power brewery operations with green electricity. The Greener Futures Project achieved that, and so much more.

Today Beau’s is powered with 100% green electricity and 100% green natural gas, and we have also green-fueled two of our delivery trucks with Greener Futures funding, through a partnership with Bullfrog Power. The Greener Futures Project also helped pay for two important onsite waste management projects: spent yeast and organic by-products from brewing now go off to a bio-digester where they create energy to run a local farm, and shiny-new wastewater treatment equipment was installed (read: buried deep in the ground) onsite at the brewery, to ease our impact on our local environment.

As a legacy piece to the project, the final Greener Futures sustainability initiative was funding a solar array installation at the Just Food Community Farm in Ottawa, in fall 2017. This brings the impact from the Greener Futures Project beyond our four walls and out into the communities who support us and enjoy our beer, and enables the sustainability efforts of Just Food ( to keep that good work going for years to come.

We are proud of all we achieved through the work of our brew team and the support of our Greener Futures membership, and now we know the fans of delicious barrel aged beers who helped this program succeed have a fine selection of options available from our offshoot brewery, Halcyon Barrel House.


Cheers and thanks to three years of Greener Futures members for your support. We are a better, more sustainable brewery today because of you.


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