About BYBO

bybo-circleOperation Come Home & Beau’s are proud to introduce BYBO: Buy Your Beau’s Online. A home beer delivery service with a charitable twist… The delivery fee goes entirely to Operation Come Home! You buy beer while helping homeless youth get off the street (plus, you get a charitable tax receipt to boot!).

Terms & Conditions

This service is only available to Ottawa residences within our delivery area. Click here to see map of delivery area and eligible postal codes.

You must be 19 years of age or older to use this service.

How does it work?

Step 1 • Check the map!
Click here to make sure you’re eligible to receive delivery.

Step 2 • Buy beer!
Add the beers you want to buy to your cart. Don’t forget you can also add merch to your home delivery, too.

Step 3 • Proceed to checkout!
You will be charged a $8 delivery ‘fee’ which goes entirely to Operation Come Home. Important Note: It can take up to 72 hours (excluding Sundays) for your pre-order to be confirmed as a purchase and delivered.

Step 4 • Pre-Order Confirmation & Beer Delivery!
You will receive an email and phone call to confirm your pre-order, and complete the purchase, before 2pm on the day of delivery. Then, the friendly folks from Operation Come Home will deliver your beer. Make sure you have valid ID to show them. Beer deliveries occur 3-7 pm Mon-Fri and 12-4 on Sat. They’ll even take your empties as a donation!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that’s not answered here? Email it ohyeah@beaus.ca and we’ll get back to you lickity-split!

Why doesn’t BYBO deliver to my area?

It’s not you, it’s us! We’re still growing and we want to get this service right the first time. We do have plans to expand the service as soon as possible, so hopefully we’ll be coming your ‘hood one day.

Who delivers the beer?

The home delivery service is provided by Operation Come Home(OCH) Bottleworks. Delivery staff are members of Operation Come Home’s youth employment pillar. In order for youth to be eligible for this program, they must be between the ages of 19-30, pass a two-tier interview process, and become familiar with the Liquor License Act fact sheet and OCH BottleWorks Policy Manual. It is additionally staffed by a qualified, full-time Supervisor from OCH. The youth are supervised at all times by qualified social workers and do not have unsupervised access to alcohol or money.

What is Operation Come Home?

For more information on the good stuff that Operation Come Home and Bottleworks do, please check out http://www.operationcomehome.ca

How much of my delivery fee goes to Operation Come Home?

The entire 8 dollars goes to OCH.

OCH delivery fees go directly toward supporting the BYBO social enterprise including paying the salary of the youth who is gaining meaningful transitional employment in working with BYBO.

But wait, it gets better! For every delivery placed, Beau’s donates an additional $7 to Operation Come Home meaning when you order, your actually helping raise funds for OCH too!

I want to donate more to Operation Come Home. How can I make an additional donation to OCH?

To make an additional donation to Operation Come Home visit CanadaHelps.org

How do I know if I am eligible to receive a home delivery?

In order to receive a Beau’s beer home delivery, you must:

  • Be at least 19+ years of age and have valid identification
  • Fall within our delivery region
  • Love Beau’s beer!

Can I pay for the beer at my door?

No. All payment must be processed through www.bybo.ca prior to the delivery.

Do I pay the delivery fee at the door?

No. The delivery fee will be processed through www.bybo.ca prior to the delivery.

I won’t be home to accept the delivery. Can you leave it at my door?

Nope! We need you or somebody of legal drinking age to be home to accept your delivery. We must check ID and ensure our beer is being put in the right hands.

Can you pick up some other items on your way to deliver to me?

No we cannot. Unlike other alcohol home delivery services, we are just bringing you Beau’s beer and Beau’s products.

Can you deliver to my order to my work, school, favorite pub, etc?

BYBO will only deliver to a residential address. Workplaces, schools, or commercial buildings are not able to use this home-delivery service.

Can I have my Party Kit and Keg delivered through this service?

We will continue to offer our Party Kit and Keg rentals directly through the brewery. Click here for more information

Can I add merchandise to my order?

Of course you can! Simply select the items you wish to purchase in the “Gear” section of the online store at http://shop.beaus.ca

I don’t have access to the Internet. Can I phone in my order for home delivery?

At this time, you can only receive home delivery through www.bybo.ca

Are you able to pick-up my empty beer bottles too?

Yes, Beau’s bottles and other brands too! Please note that by picking up your empties, you are donating the deposit to Operation Come Home. If we are collecting a 1.89L Beau’s Growler, you have the option to keep the full $4.00 deposit, or donate that amount to Operation Come Home. Make sure you have them all ready for when we show up!

I am a Greener Futures member. Can I have my releases delivered to me if I reside within the delivery area?
Yes you can! Greener Futures releases will be available for home delivery if you reside within the delivery region. Members will be charged the delivery fee, so use this as an excuse to stock up on all your favourite Beau’s brews!

What is a Greener Futures Membership? Can I sign up for one online?

Click here for all the details!

Can I place a standing order?

At this time, no standing orders can be placed.

The delivery service is owned and operated by Operation Come Home – Bottleworks. Click here for more information on Operation Come Home and Bottleworks. To make an additional donation to Operation Come Home visit CanadaHelps.org.