Dial Z For Zwickel

Dial ‘Z’ for Zwickel is a rare new creation from the Beau’s brew team, a hazy copper-coloured lager called a zwickelbier – a beer so über-fresh, it tastes like you walked right up to our tanks and poured it yourself. The flavour and aroma are ripe with bready, yeasty goodness and fresh grassy notes, and a finely balanced hop presence. Zwickelbiers are seriously not meant for aging, and best served… right now!

5.7% • Wild Oats No. 44


Closely related to kellerbier, zwickelbier literally means beer sampled directly from the maturation vessel in the beer cellar. This German-origin beer takes on the character of the base style: in the case of Dial ‘Z’, an amber lager.


This beer exhibits fresh bready/yeasty notes that mingle with the dark lager malt backbone and the significant herbal/grassy hop aroma. Balanced and clean with noticeable hop presence, you’ll be hitting “redial” on Dial ‘Z’!


Lamb shank, Cantonese mushroom dishes, beef stroganoff

Technical Specs

  • ALC/VOL: 5.7%
  • INGREDIENTS: Local Spring Water, Organic Barley Malts, Organic Hops, Brewer’s Yeast
  • MALTS: Pilsner, Munich, Acidulated, Carafoam, Caraaroma  (All Organic)
  • HOPS: Strisselspalt, Triskel (All Organic)
  • YEAST: German Lager Yeast
  • IBU’S: 27
  • OG: 13.1°P
  • FG: 2.2°P
  • SERVING TEMP.: 7-10° C
  • GLASSWARE: Stein