S2 E2: Lagered Tales, presented by Beau’s

The B Corp Episode: Ben & Jerry’s; how Canadian B Corps are disrupting norms in their industries; what is a B Corp?

Today’s show is our special B Corp episode, so we enlisted two of our B Corp Task Force superheroes, Emilie and Kate, to co-host for you. Emilie and Kate will help explain the important work they do to ensure Beau’s is meeting its social and environmental commitments — and continuing to exemplify what it means to conduct business as a force for good in the world.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have a bit of background info for you first. Did you know? Beau’s is a certified B Corp. To find out what that means, Mike will hit the streets and ask around. Will the folks Mike meets on the streets know what a B Corp is? Will he have to escalate matters and talk to an expert? Let’s find out.

Next up, we’ll talk to the Sr. Global Social Mission Manager at Ben & Jerry’s (!!!) about how the ice cream company forged the path for sustainable businesses to follow, how it navigated becoming the first wholly-owned B Corp, the areas in which Benefit Corporations are really fostering companies’ growth, the idea of inclusion in the global economy, and how B Corps around the world can collectively affect change. He’ll also break down some practical applications for effective B Corps through sustainable supply chain management and the importance of a diversity of voices within a company. It’s fascinating and inspiring stuff.

Oh, and we’ll also talk about ice cream.

Lastly, do you care about the business practices of the corporations you support? Do you care about the full life cycle of the products you consume? Do you care about the way a company treats its employees? Jen will talk to representatives from three Canadian B Corps about why they chose to be radically different and disrupt norms in their respective industries: We’ll hear from Vancouver’s Lunapads, which manufactures washable, cloth menstrual pads, underwear, and menstrual cups; Hemmings House, an award-winning film production company from New Brunswick that tells compelling stories while affecting positive social change; and Unbelts Canada from Edmonton, AB, which produces ethically sewn belts that are also unbelievably comfy.

Some of the stats in this segment may blow your mind, and you may be inspired to take a closer look at the values of the businesses you choose to support.

Beau’s co-founders, Tim and Steve Beauchesne

Upcoming events highlighted in this episode:

  • Westfest 2019 in Ottawa, June 7–9, Ottawa’s favourite FREE festival will be taking place at Tom Brown Arena Park. Come out for a weekend of music, art, community, and FUN — and of course some Beau’s beer.
  • King City Craft Beer Food Truck Festival, June 8, 2019: Expect great food, beer and tunes from Born Ruffians.
  • Visit the brewery! Our award-winning taproom is open seven days a week for tours and tastings. Planning a weekend visit? Come hungry, we’re serving tasty barbecue by our friends at Meatings.

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Hosts: Emilie Quinn and Kate Stanley

Producers: Jen Beauchesne, Marc Doucette, Patrick Jodoin and Mike Simpkin

Technical Producer: Marc Doucette

Guest interviewer: Jacquie Severs

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