Episode 7: Balance

Episode 7: Lagered Tales, presented by Beau’s. The Balance Episode. Featuring elite runner and former beer mile world-record holder Lewis Kent; BSN: Beau’s Sports Network; failed New Year’s resolutions; work-life balance; balance in beer.

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Let’s get physical!

In our seventh episode of the Beau’s podcast, we’re talking balance. That means balance in life, career, diet, being active, and of course, enjoying beer.  

Could there exist a way to combine athleticism and beer? Is there a way to actually integrate beer into a sporting activity and make it part of the competition? In our first segment, runner and former world-record holder in the beer mile, Lewis Kent, explains the unusual—but amazing—sport in which runners throw back a beer every quarter mile, right on the racetrack!

Find out what a “reversal of fortune” means to beer milers, and what Ellen DeGeneres is like in person.

So let’s see: If you can run and drink beer at the same time, there must be some other ways to combine the sporting life and that craft beer life, right? In our action-packed second segment, the wacky team at BSN: Beau’s Sports Network, takes over our show and investigates the connection between enjoying good beer and being active.

Third on the roster, we hear some first-hand testimonials of failed attempts at New Year’s resolutions—the ultimate test of a person’s willpower and ability to balance personal goals. Could a DJ from the 613 have the self-discipline to eat a bagel every day for a year?

Wait, what?

Tune in to find out why, and expect a few laughs.

But it’s not all about the slip-ups. We also hear a rare New Year’s resolution success story! Read about Beau’s marketing director Jacquie Severs’ year without poutine here.

Speaking of balancing priorities, in our fourth segment a superhuman Beau’s sales rep with three young children and a large sales territory to cover explains her strategies for achieving that ever elusive work-life balance. Pro-tip: Google Calendar is your friend.

Lastly, Beau’s brewmaster and resident beer philosopher Matthew O’Hara checks in to explain what balance means in crafting the perfect beer.

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Hosts: Kimberlea Jones and Denis Routhier

Producers: Jen Beauchesne, Emma Chapman, Marc Doucette, Eddy Earwigg, Patrick Jodoin, Mike Simpkin

Technical Producer: Marc Doucette

Guest sportscaster: Phil Beauchesne

Theme song: “Beau’s Lug Tread Lagered Ale Jingle” by Chris Rayburn

Featured song: “Check the OR” by Organized Rhyme


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