St. Luke’s Verse

St. Luke’s Verse is the autumnal equinox release in the 2016 Gruit Series. Brewed with an aromatic bouquet of organic lavender, rosemary and thyme, the flavours present themselves in unison as a deliciously drinkable potpourri.

Lavender Gruit
5.7% • Wild Oats Series No. 33

History & Style:

Beau’s Gruit Series takes inspiration from centuries-old brewing tradition; a time before the Bavarian Purity Act of 1516 that declared that all beer be made solely with barley, hops, and water. In gruit ale, herbs, spices and other botanicals replace a dominant hop character, throwing open the door to experimentation. St. Luke’s Verse was first brewed in 2014 for International Gruit Day (, which takes place each year on February 1.

Legend has it that young maidens who wanted to know who their true love might be would sip upon a lavender brew and chant St. Luke’s Verse, imploring the saint to reveal their identity in her dreams that night. “St. Luke, St. Luke, be kind to me. In my dreams, let me my true love see.”

Tasting Notes:

St, Luke’s Verse pours copper in colour, with a white foam. Intense lavender aroma is complemented by contributions of thyme and rosemary. The flavours parallel the aromas and are held together with medium-bodied malt backdrop. The finish is medium dry with echoing herbal inflections.

Food Pairings:

Soft cheeses like fresh mozzarella, ricotta & mascarpone; herbed chicken stew; Alsatian-style tarte flambé (bacon, caramelized onions, thyme & fresh cheese).

Technical Specs

  • ALC/VOL: 5.7%
  • INGREDIENTS: Local spring water, organic barley malts, organic hops, organic lavender, organic thyme, organic rosemary, brewer's yeast.
  • MALTS: Pilsner, Carafoam, Acidulated, Caramel 20 (all organic)
  • HOPS: Organic Tradition
  • YEAST: German ale yeast
  • IBU’S: 11
  • OG: 12.8°P
  • FG: 1.9°P
  • SERVING TEMP.: 4-6° C
  • GLASSWARE: Shaker