Weiss O’Lantern

Weiss O’Lantern is a weiss beer brewed with pumpkin. Orange-hued with a tall creamy head, the pumpkin, citrus fruit, and spice flavours shine through a full wheat body. The finish is lively, zippy, and darn refreshing!

5.6% • Wild Oats No. 13

History & Style

Weiss O’Lantern is a spiced pumpkin beer rooted in the German hefeweizen style. We put more than 350 pounds of organic pumpkin into each batch of Weiss O’ Lantern!

Tasting Notes

The experience is of fresh pumpkin flesh with ginger & lemongrass notes, as well as inflections of peppery cinnamon. Also notice hints of banana and clove, and a satisfying graham cracker finish.

Food Pairings

Pumpkin bread with salted chocolate caramel; risotto with roasted sweet potatoes & chèvre; cider-brined turkey or pork loin; soft chèvre or homemade ricotta with toasted pumpkin seeds & pumpkin seed oil.

Technical Specs

  • ALC/VOL: 5.6%
  • INGREDIENTS: Local spring water, organic wheat and barley malts, organic pumpkin purée, organic hops, organic ginger, organic orange peel, organic cinnamon, brewer’s yeast.
  • MALTS: Wheat, pilsner, carafoam, caramunich (all organic)
  • HOPS: Organic Hallertau tradition
  • IBU’S: 17
  • OG: 13.4°P
  • FG: 3.0°P
  • SERVING TEMP.: 5-7° C
  • GLASSWARE: Weisse