Best of Beau’s (2015)

The “Best of Beau’s” Mix is a holiday mix pack featuring an eclectic mix of our most sought after one-off creations. All four beers were chosen through popular vote, by those who know best – our fans!

4 x 600mL • Mix Pack

Matt’s Sleepy Time

Belgian-Style Imperial Stout • 8.0% Alc/Vol
Matt’s Sleepy Time is an imperial stout that has been fermented with Belgian Ale yeast, and aged on oak staves. Tastes of dark chocolate, coffee and vanilla are complemented with a blend of German and New Zealand hops. The Belgian ale yeast imparts a noticeable fruitiness and mild banana flavour, as well as hinting at a spicy, peppery character not typical of a stout. Matt’s Sleepy Time was first brewed up back in 2010 as the inaugural Beau’s “Wild Oats Series” release.

Fous Alliés

Mango Saison • 6.1% Alc/Vol
In 2012 Beau’s Brewery collaborated with our good friends at Shawinigan, Québec’s Microbrasserie Trou Du Diable to create Fous Alliés (“Crazy Allies”), a mango fruit-infused saison. Fous Alliés is based on the classic, refreshing saison style, which has its origins in the Wallonia region of Belgium. Expect tropical fruit aroma with peppery notes; the flavour is also fruity and faintly tart, with a pleasant, dry finish. Hints of white pepper accentuate the slight earthiness, and a mild mango flavour adds playfulness to the presentation.

Patio Saison

Saison • 5.9% Alc/Vol
Patio Saison is a snappy and crisp unfiltered golden ale. The characteristic saison beer style offers up mild pepper-and-clove spice, in harmony with the citrusy zest of organic orange peel and the floral aroma of organic elder flower. Beau’s Patio Saison was first served up to celebrate the sunny spring day that patios across Ontario opened up in 2012, and was awarded a Bronze medal that same year at the Canadian Brewing Awards.

Screamin’ Beaver

Oak Aged Double IPA • 9.9% Alc/Vol
Screamin’ Beaver Oak Aged Double IPA is an amped-up version of Beaver River India Pale Ale, Beau’s award-winning, extra-hoppy IPA. Screamin’ Beaver weighs in at 9.9% ABV and 99 IBUs, and has been dry-hopped and aged on oak staves. Taking influence from the American and British India Pale Ale styles, Screamin’ Beaver is inspired by America’s aggressive beer styles while maintaining a British malty backbone. Screamin’ Beaver was designed and first brewed at Beau’s back in 2010.