Three Beau’s-themed Halloween costume ideas that will frighten and impress your friends [printer-ready masks]

For your Halloween costume needs: We’ve given some of the most recognizable characters from the Beau’s universe a little upgrade just in time for the 31st of Oktober


We get it. You’d like to dress up in a Beau’s-themed costume, but you’re a Halloween traditionalist. To truly get behind a costume, the fear factor is a must.

We at Beau’s have anticipated this conundrum, and we’ve got your back. Here are the building blocks for some simple (and simply spooky) D.I.Y. costumes you can put together at the last-minute, or build upon to create something special.

Choose a mask and print it on one 11 x 17 sheet of paper (if you have it), or print the chosen image on two sheets of 8.5 x 11 and tape them together. Use a hole punch or scissors to gouge yourself some eye, nose and mouth holes where appropriate.

Have fun!



1. Wag the Werewolf

Your blood-thirst is matched only by your thirst for a hazy hopfenweisse. You transform at night into a party animal. You are Wag the Werewolf.

Pair this mask with a gray sweatsuit under an old ripped t-shirt, tack on some faux fur (the kind you’ll find at a fabric store), and you’re good to go.

Download PDF: Wag the Werewolf


2. The Ghost of Strong Patrick

You perished in a midnight wrestling match gone too far, one fateful All Hallows’ Eve many moons ago. Now you’re one pile-drivin’ party poltergeist. You’re The Ghost of Strong Patrick.

Grab some tights, throw on this mask and bask in the praise of all the other party-goers.

Download PDF: The Ghost of Strong Patrick


3. Zombie Tom Green

The scariest of all. An undead Tom Green. Except you don’t eat brains — you eat Halloween candy and drink beer.

Wear an unbuttoned plaid shirt or a simple two-piece suit and tie, put on this mask, and show up nice ‘n early to the party with an Undercutters Pizza and Tom Green Cherry Milk Stout in hand.

Download PDF: Zombie Tom Green



The Three Knocks Gatekeeper

If you haven’t heard the legend of Three Knocks, you’ll soon understand why this beer needs a gatekeeper — you — to protect it.

Three Knocks gets its inspiration from altbier breweries of Dusseldorf, which will covertly brew special secret batches of their alt — to be shared only with friends, family and regular patrons who are already in-the-know. Three Knocks is our toast to this historical tradition, with its cloak-and-dagger backstory that plays off the secret, underground nature of altbier. The Three Knocks world features elements of secret societies, the speakeasy, and all things clandestine — it’s perfect for Halloween.

Throw on a monk’s habit, come up with a secret knock or handshake, bring along a bottle or two of Three Knocks and share only with those you’ve let in on the secret.


Happy Halloween!


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