Halcyon Barrel House turns 2, three new releases to celebrate

Halcyon Barrel House is celebrating two years of existence this weekend with three special beer releases: Year Two Anniversary Blend, Shifting Sands: Currant, and a collab with Austin Beerworks called Parallel Realities. All three limited-edition releases will be sold by the bottle in the Beau’s Taproom, starting this Saturday May 25th.

Year Two is a unique and truly special blend, a brewmaster’s retrospective of the most well aged and most interesting fruited sours and saisons from Halcyon’s second year of brewing. It includes Shifting Sands (both Cherry and Currant), two different fruited versions of farmhouse saison Curse of Knowledge (lingonberry and baco noir grape), and a tripel as-yet unreleased from the barrel house. It is certified organic, and 8.2 % ABV, with a fruit-forward profile that emphasizes currant, cherry and wine.

Shifting Sands: Currant is the latest in Halcyon’s series of organic sour golden ales with fruit. This 7.3 % ABV edition has black currant as the feature fruit, contributing aromas that are herbal, fruity and peppery, and echoed by a hint of wine. The first sip is upfront acidity, transporting fruity currant and a light spicy character. With spritzy carbonation, moderate tannins help dry out a finish that lingers sour and sweet.

Parallel Realities is a co-creation of Halcyon and Austin Beerworks from Texas. Both breweries have made a version of this farmhouse saison to release – the botanical ingredients are different based on local terroir to each brewery, but the two renditions are intended to be parallel in thought and process. The Halcyon edition of Parallel Realities is 6.2 % ABV and made with organic raspberry leaf and hand-harvested lingonberries, as well as locally foraged scarlet beebalm and sumac. The flavours are delicate with layers of wine, floral, berry and herbal goodness, backed by refreshing tartness.

The Beau’s Tap Room is celebrating Halcyon’s Year Two anniversary this weekend with a special tapping of Year Two and Year One (last year’s anniversary blend) side by side, as well as beer-specific food pairings from the Meatings @ Beau’s kitchen. In addition to bottles in the Tap Room, limited kegs of the new releases will be tapped at craft-friendly establishments that serve Halcyon’s certified organic year-round offerings: Curse of Knowledge, Echo Chamber, Gravity Well and Infinity Mirror.


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