Episode 6: Jim Bryson, beer cocktails, Chef Charlotte Langley, more

Episode 6: Lagered Tales, presented by Beau’s. The New Year’s Day Episode. Featuring Jim Bryson, beer cocktails, Chef Charlotte Langley, and Lagered Tales live at the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies’ Ottawa bevy.

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Happy New Year from Lagered Tales!

In our sixth episode of the show, Canadian singer-songwriter Jim Bryson fixes one of our producers, Jen, a damn fine cup of coffee at his home in Stittsville, Ontario, and gives her a tour of his recording studio.

Then we visit with Roopa, the bartender at Ottawa hotspot Two Six {Ate} as she shares with us some beer cocktail recipes using Lug Tread lagered ale and Full Time I.P.A. and Chef Steve and Emily, the restaurant’s co-owners, test ’em out.

In the third segment, our co-founder Steve chats with Chef Charlotte Langley about Scout Canning, her sustainable canned seafood business, at a hotel fitness centre of all places!

Lastly, one of our producers, Emma, is joined by Emilie and some of the other ladies from Beau’s as they report from the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies‘ Ottawa bevy, where they chat with some attendees. Follow SOBDL on Instagram and Twitter.

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Hosts: Jen Beauchesne and Eddy Earwigg

Segment hosts: Jen Beauchesne, Kimberlea Jones and Robyn Boynton

Producers: Jen Beauchesne, Emma Chapman, Marc Doucette, Eddy Earwigg, Patrick Jodoin

Technical Producer: Marc Doucette

Guest interviewer: Steve Beauchesne

Featured songs: “Ontario” and “Stuck in the Middle” by Jim Bryson, from the album Somewhere We Will Find Our Place; and “Cut Bait” from the EP Tired of Waiting.

Bonus content: Roopa’s beer cocktail recipes

Did you get a little jealous listening to the folks trying those cocktails? Did the sound of Roopa’s shaker kick your salivary glands into high gear? Try these beer cocktail recipes at home, or if you visit Two Six {Ate} and ask nicely, Roopa just might make one for you.


Gin Radler

1 oz gin

1/2 oz Cynar

1/2 oz lime juice

2 oz grapefruit soda

2 dashes of grapefruit bitters (if possible)

6 oz Full Time I.P.A.

Dehydrated grapefruit garnish

Collins glass, no ice  


Smoky Beergarita

1 oz Mezcal

3/4 oz lime juice

1/2 oz honey ginger syrup (recipe below)

6 oz Lug Tread

Collins glass, with ice

Smoked maldon lime-rind rim


Summer Dreams

Muddled cucumber

1/2 oz bitter Bianco

1/2 oz lemon juice

6 oz Lug Tread

Collins glass, with ice


Honey Ginger Syrup

100 g chopped ginger

3 cups honey

3 cups water

Bring to a boil then simmer for 10 min

Let cool then strain


What!?!? Another bonus?

Your hosts Eddy and Jen re-wrote the lyrics to a certain Jimmy Buffett song for your enjoyment. Try THESE lyrics out at your next karaoke session, and be sure to tag @beausallnatural if you post it.


Watchin’ the cookies bake

but I’ve got a headache

All of those necks, covered in boils

Pulling my hamstring, I’m the Jeopardy king

all my yogurts are beginning to spoil


Snoring everyday here in Margaritaville

Searchin’ for my dentures in salt

Some people claim that there’s bingo today

Crapped in my pants, it isn’t my fault


Don’t know the season, but it’s always freezin’

With nothing to show but this brand new mole

But it’s a real beauty, a hairy cutie

It’s time to eat some bran in a bowl


Retired here in Margaritaville,

Looking for my elastic socks

Some people say “Wheel of Fortune at 3”

But if I watch, gonna miss Matlock


I’m having a cough drop

Shopping at gift shops

I broke a hip, at the old age home

My body is tender, I’m wearing suspenders

Lost all my hair, I can’t even comb


I’m complainin’ about Margaritaville

Please get the hell off my lawn

I walked 40 miles when I was your age

I know, I’m always up before dawn




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