Documentary: Organic Craft Brewing

Organic Craft Brewing

Narrated by Jennifer Beauchesne, Beau’s Director of Communications

The second short film in our four-part documentary series focuses on our choice at Beau’s to use organic ingredients in our beer. Our co-founder and CEO, Steve Beauchesne, explains the day one decision to make Beau’s an organic craft brewery. In this film Steve explains the philosophy behind brewing with organic ingredients — how these ingredients affect a beer’s taste, and their use contributes to a reduction in a company’s environmental impact.

We also hear from our QA/QC manager at Beau’s, Philip Hawken, about some of the challenges a brewery faces when it chooses only to use organic ingredients and pursue organic certification. Lastly, Stephanie Jaworski and Ron Brennan from Old 4th Hop Yard, one of our local hops suppliers, explain what organic farmers can and can’t when they choose to meet the rigorous standards of organic certification.

Running time: 3 minutes, 31 seconds


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