#BeausPets: The Summer Edition

Emilie, smiling, gets down to puppy-level

I’m Emilie from the Beau’s Customer Engagement team! We love seeing photos of your pets here at the brewery, inspecting a case of beer, or hiding in a box! #BeausPets is a family of furry friends whose pet-parents share a love of great beer! Would you like your pet to be featured in our next edition of #BeausPets? Shoot me an email to ohyeah@beaus.ca to join the #BeausPets family.

Jake the cat

A fluffy cat inspects a vase with flowers

Jake (the cat) enjoys basking in the sun’s rays in the spring. His owner Jake (the human) enjoys Beau’s beer, reading and watching sports on TV. Oh yeah!


Duke of Argyll

Duke sits on the bed wearing a red Beau's bandanna

Duke is a rescue dog from the organization Westies in Need Canada. He lives a happy life in his forever home in Iroquois, Ontario.

Duke is on a white carpet


Ashton, the feisty pup!

Ashton is on the grass

Ashton enjoys sleeping with his tongue sticking out and annoying the cat. He is loved by his owner, Beau’s friend, Nick

Hey! That dog is driving a tractor!



A cat licks a can of Lug Tread

Here’s Ginny enjoying a cold beer in the sun while her sister, Yoshi, watches. Can you spot her?




A horse and a man

Spirit is a paint horse with a passion for trail rides and loves affection. He is a real beauty! Loved by his owner, Alexandra.



@robynboynton | @juddiscurrent

Kiki on the grass

Also a horse, this is Kiki, she’s been a huge (HUGE) Beau’s fan for about six months now, ever since she was rescued by Beau’s employee owners Robyn and Judd.

Kiki on the hardwood



Kevin the cat

Kevin the big gray cat

Kevin prides himself on having the most impressive Beau’s beard.


Beau’s Dood


Beau's dood chillin' on the tile floor

The fluffiest Beau’s fan!




A wet cat looks displeased, but wants some Buenos Dias

Bathtime with Lucy isn’t always Buenos.


Beau the bundle of joy

Beau sits by a Summer of Lug 4-pack

When Beau’s parents couldn’t think of a name for their new little puppy, they decided to name him after their favourite beer!


Bob Marley

A tuckered-out dog

Marley loves canoeing with his parents on the Ottawa River.


Lemon and Grover

A dog by a tractor wheel

Grover inspects a Saison

Lemon the German Shorthaired Pointer and Grover the cat enjoying their home on the countryside and paying homage to Beau’s on a tractor!


Jackson, the keeper of the Lug Tread

Jackson ain't giving up that Summer of Lug 4-pack

I can haz Lug Tread? 🙂


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