Beau’s + Friends release: Tagwerk’s Witbier with Quince

Beau’s Brewing Co. has a new release launching this week in bottles and on tap in Ontario and Québec. Witbier with Quince is the inaugural release from Tagwerk Beer, part of the Beau’s + Friends Series. This elegant 6.9% Belgian-style wheat beer is brewed with organic quince juice, coriander and hibiscus flowers, making for a lively, fruity and bright-tasting beverage.

Witbier with Quince is the creation of Christian Riemerschmid von der Heide, a renowned Master Brewer with more than 30 years’ experience in brewing world-class beer. Tagwerk takes the name of a farm at Cape Chin on the Bruce Peninsula where Christian resides. The name is German, meaning the day-work of the farmer, measured in an acre of farmland that can be worked by hand in one day. The idea to brew with Beau’s was one that has been germinating since Riemerschmid von der Heide got involved with the Beau’s Rwanda Craft Brewery project in 2016.

“I had enjoyed Beau’s for some time, and was always impressed with its vision, people and attitude. Meanwhile I had the Tagwerk idea, and was waiting for the right partner, which I found in Beau’s. I brewed a version of Witbier with Quince moons ago in Austria, and it won some recognition at that time, so I took that recipe and consulted with (Beau’s Brewmaster) Matthew O’Hara on the scale up. It has a remarkable drinkability for a 6.9% beer, and a wonderfully crisp finish. The addition of quince fruit adds a special magic.”

Witbier with Quince pours rose with a white foam and slight haze. The aroma offers bright quince fruit notes with a defined coriander undertone. The flavour is lively, spicy, and a bit fruity. The finish is slightly tart, and refreshing. Riemerschmid von der Heide suggests versatile food pairings of cedar plank salmon sprinkled with sea salt, freshly shucked oysters, pasta with thyme, olive oil and pine nuts, chicken tikka masala with quince chutney, crème brulée with passion fruit, and old gouda cheese chunks.

Tagwerk’s Witbier with Quince is available at Ontario and Québec retailers beginning this week, as well as select craft-friendly pubs and restaurants in those provinces. It is also available direct from the Beau’s Brewery in Vankleek Hill, ON. It will be coming to Alberta, BC and Manitoba as a limited-scale release later this summer. It is part of the Beau’s + Friends Series (formerly B-Side Brewing Label), a growing portfolio of world-class recipes created collaboratively with select partners, and brewed locally at Beau’s.

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