Two backyard BBQ beers to try from Beau’s — one new, one returning summer hit

With a shared release date of Thursday, June 22 in Ontario — and wider release in other Canadian provinces and New York State to follow soon — here’s a back-to-back comparison of two of Beau’s latest offerings this summer. Introducing the brand new Saison from Beau’s Farm Table Series, and the return of Wag the Wolf hopfenweisse.



  • Background: Beau’s Farm Table Series are sessionable beers inspired by tradition and brewed true to a classic style. Unfiltered with lively carbonation, the saison originated in the Wallonia region of Belgium, where traditionally it was brewed to slake the thirst of farmhands during harvest time.
  • From the brewers: “Saison is a style that is meant to be dry, refreshing and thirst-quenching,” says Beau’s head brewer Brian O’Donnell. “We brewed ours to be very dry, and gave it a high bitterness to accentuate that quality … our saison is a traditional take on the style.”
  • What to bring to the party: Saison pairs nicely with chilled shrimp with “hopped” cocktail sauce, or fresh oysters on the half shell.
  • Tale of the tape: Saison weighs in at a compact 4.7% ABV. Belgian Saison II yeast imparts those alluring earthy, peppery and spicy notes.
  • Where can I get it? Ontario (on tap, LCBO, craft-friendly grocery stores, Beau’s Brewery,, Québec (on tap & dépanneurs), BC & Alberta (on tap and by the bottle), Manitoba & New Brunswick (growler stations and on tap), and New York State (on tap and by the bottle).


Glass of Farm Table: Saison with bottle


Wag the Wolf

  • Background: Beau’s first introduced Wag the Wolf in 2013 as part of its Wild Oats Series. The late-addition hopped unfiltered wheat beer — and its recognizable wolf logo with heterochromic eyes — would later find its place in the pack as a regular summer release for the independent craft brewery.
  • From the brewers: Wag The Wolf’s original recipe was developed by former Beau’s brewer (and now brewmaster at Halcyon Barrel House) Bryce McBain. “I designed Wag the Wolf around a particular hop, Motueka,” says McBain, “but when we couldn’t get that hop the next year, I had to go back to the recipe and experiment. Luckily, I think that effort made it an even better beer. And lesson learned: now I design a hop profile I want to achieve, rather than relying on a specific variety.”
  • What to bring to the party: Goes great with grilled weisswurst or knockwurst sausage.
  • Tale of the tape: Wag the Wolf is no pup at a strapping 6.8% ABV. Late-addition organic New Zealand and American hops impart aromas of tropical fruit and citrus, Hefeweizen yeast adds pleasant fruit and spice flavours.
  • Where can I get it? Ontario (on tap, LCBO, craft-friendly grocery stores, Beau’s Brewery,; and The Beer Store in Beau’s Mix Summer Edition), Québec (on tap & dépanneurs), BC, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick (on tap and by the bottle), Newfoundland (bottle only), and New York State (on tap and by the bottle).


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