B-Side Brewing Label

B-Side Brewing Label was created to boost the diversity and availability of tasty, fresh craft beer in the province of Ontario. Craft beer and music have an affinity that draws them together naturally — this led to the concept of B-Side Brewing Label, a music-industry inspired distribution model for craft beer.

Like a record label, B-Side signs to the label brewers or breweries that are internationally recognized for their great beers. These craft brewers brew their beer under our roof at Beau’s. Like a record label does for their artists, Beau’s will handle the nuts-and-bolts of packaging and selling these Ontario-brewed B-Side beers.

B-Side is rooted at the Beau’s brewery but is not a Beau’s brand; rather it aims to create a portfolio of international brands of excellence being produced fresh and locally for the Ontario market.

It’s like a record label, but for beer!


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