The Annual Beau’s Thanksgiving Beer-and-Guest Pairing Guide

The Beau's Fall Mix: featuring Lug Tread

words: patrick jodoin | photos: marc doucette

If your family is anything like mine, you can expect some big personalities to join you at your Thanksgiving dinner table this weekend.

Pleasing every guest can be a challenge. Compound that with a gregarious group of relatives and, well, forget about it.

Make things a little easier for yourself by picking up The Beau’s Fall Mix, which offers enough variety to satisfy every type of quirky dinner guest — all in one handy-dandy box.

Here’s a quick guide. Be sure to let us know on social media if any of these folks sound familiar — and tell us about your own guests and which beers suit their personalities!


The History Buff

Beau's CDN Pale Ale on a living room table

The label artwork for CDN Pale Ale will surely be enough to compel Uncle Al to relay for you the storied history of Canada’s Avro Arrow. If he’s not as knowledgeable about that piece of Canadiana, maybe the label’s cool pinball theme will jog his memory about life in the ’70s. Failing that, he’ll definitely appreciate the beer’s all-Canadian list of ingredients.

In three words: citrus, clove, pepper.


The Traveler

Beau's Dortmunder

Oh cool, Dortmunder! Have you been to Dortmund, the eighth-largest city in Germany? No? Well your cousin Max has, and Max will definitely appreciate a beer that brings back memories of that 2011 backpacking trip across Europe. This is a solid, well-rounded German-style lager.

In three words: classic, balanced, clean.


The Autumn-Lover

Beau's Maple Rush

Wearing perfectly layered clothing and sitting in the closest seat to the fireplace is your cousin Jesse, who appreciates nothing more than these short few months before the snow flies. Let them know how much you appreciate them by pouring them a pint of Maple Rush, with its robust dark malt and appetizing maple flavour.

In three words: rich, espresso, maple.


The Visitor from Abroad

Beau's Lug Tread

Well, this is your chance to introduce someone new to the original lagered ale! Lug Tread is versatile enough to suit any taste. I love sharing a Lug Tread with a family member who hasn’t tried it yet — and I also remember to bring enough Lug Tread to share with everyone else. My family loves it when I come to dinner.

In three words: crisp, balanced, refreshing.


The Fall Mix includes Beau’s award-winning Lug-Tread Lagered Ale, along with 3 other seasonal creations we think you’ll enjoy too. It’s a fun variety of styles to sample or share with friends, all in a convenient grab-n-go case.


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