Oktoberfest Mix Pack 2016

The Oktoberfest 4-Pack is wunderbar! Enjoy sampling this variety of four German-style beers brewed for Beau’s annual celebration of Bavarian culture, Vankleek Hill Oktoberfest.

Mix Pack
4 X 600mL • 2016

Each Best of Beau’s Mix Pack contains one 600mL bottle of…

Farm Table: Vienna-style lager

Vienna-style lager
4.7 %
Beau’s Farm Table Series are sessionable beers inspired by tradition and brewed true to a classic style. Farm Table: Vienna-style lager pours deep orange in colour with a frothy white head. The aroma is bready with a mild citrus undertone. The German malt flavours are suggestive of bread crust, while a classic hop character provide clean counterbalance. The lager finish is dry and light-bodied.

Ginger Wolf

Ginger Hopfenweisse
6.5 %
Ginger Wolf is a “ginger” edition of Wag The Wolf hopfenweisse! It’s brewed with organic ginger, late-addition hopped with organic New Zealand varieties, and fermented with a traditional Hefeweizen yeast. Hazy and pale gold in colour, with lively carbonation. Predominant ginger with undertones of banana, clove, papaya, mango and citrus on the nose. Spicy and fruity, with a slightly dry finish and mild gingery heat.

Return of the Mumme

Medieval Mumme Ale
5.8 %
This historical “mumme” beer style has been brought back to life! Return of the Mumme is a medieval-era ale with a bouquet of botanicals including red clover blossom, mugwort, dandelion root, and black tea. This beer is spice-forward with balancing residual malt sweetness. Initial aromas of gingerbread and malt, and black licorice rise up from a subtle traditional hop aroma.

One Ping Only

Baltic Porter
8.5 %
Baltic porters share some commonalities with Russian Imperial Stouts, brewed strong to last long voyages across the sea. One Ping Only is dark as the stormy Baltic, with thick, chewy malts that satisfy, and rich aromas of chocolate, raisins and caramel. Barley and rye malts, oats, and some rare Polish Marynka hops create layers upon layers of complexity. Finishes dry with a slight coffee character.

Technical Specs

  • ALC/VOL: 4 X 600mL