Festivale Plus

Sticke Alt is a special, rare version of a Dusseldorf Altbier; bigger and bolder than usual. Festivale Plus features a decidedly robust but balanced blend of clean, crisp and bready malts, with an assertive hop backbone. Oaky undertones are courtesy of the wood aging.

Sticke Alt
7.0% • Wild Oats Series No. 4

History & Style

Seasonally or sometimes just once a year, Altbier breweries in Dusseldorf will covertly brew special, stronger batches of their Alt, and share them with family, friends and regular patrons. Beau’s toasts this historical tradition with Festivale Plus, a stronger, bolder and oak-aged version of our internationally acclaimed summer seasonal beer, Festivale. Shhh — it’s a secret!

Tasting Notes

A deeply flavourful but balanced altbier experience, the intense maltiness and hoppiness are harmonized with the well-integrated alcoholic strength. Pleasant wood notes complement the harmony of the ingredients.

Technical Specs

  • ALC/VOL: 7.0%
  • INGREDIENTS: Local Spring Water, Organic Barley Malts, Organic Hops, German Ale Yeast.
  • MALTS: Munich, Pilsner, Caramunich, Ctara 120 (All Organic)
  • HOPS: Organic Perle
  • YEAST: German Ale Yeast
  • IBU’S: 50
  • OG: 15.2°P
  • FG: 2.8°P
  • SERVING TEMP.: 7-9° C