D.O.A. Hardcore 8.1

Beau’s created Hardcore 8.1 to pay tribute to an iconic band we revere: Vancouver’s D.O.A., true pioneers and 35+ year veterans of the hardcore punk scene. Thanks for the inspiration D.O.A. – like your music, we think great beer can also change the world.

Stock Ale
8.1% • Wild Oats No. 45


Malt liquor is a North American beer style defined by its high alcohol content and general easy drinkability. Typically made with cheaper sugar sources such as rice or corn, the original beer-in-a-paper-bag malt liquor is an emblem of hard living. The Beau’s brew team offers up a high-quality organic barley malt / cane sugar interpretation in Hardcore 8.1.


A classy, certified organic interpretation of the iconic malt liquor style, Hardcore 8.1 is a deep golden-coloured lager that mingles malt and fruit notes in three-chord harmony with honey-like elements. The aroma is fruity suggesting citrus and apricot. The finish offers a hi-test alcohol warmth that resonates like a screaming guitar lick.


Zesty cheese Doritos, salt grilled rib eye steaks, rich grilled cheese & Italian cold cut Monte Cristo.

Technical Specs

  • ALC/VOL: 8.1%
  • INGREDIENTS: Local Spring Water, Organic Barley Malts, Organic Hops, Organic Cane Sugar, Brewer’s Yeast
  • MALTS: Pale Ale, Pilsner, Acidulated  (All Organic)
  • HOPS: Perle (Organic)
  • YEAST: German Ale Yeast
  • IBU’S: 26
  • OG: 18.3°P
  • FG: 3.5°P
  • SERVING TEMP.: 3-5° C
  • GLASSWARE: Bottle