Bride of Fronkensteen

Bourbon barrel aged (24 months) Ellsmere’s Regret Chocolate-Marshmallow-Hemp Stout + Bourbon barrel aged (12 months) Winterbrewed Coffee Amber + Bourbon barrel aged (18 months) Dark Helmut Imperious Schwarzbier + White wine barrel aged (24 months) Old Ale + Bourbon barrel aged (12 months) Dunkel Buck Dunkelweiss + Coeur Noir Black I.P.A.

Barrel Aged Blend
8.7 % • Greener Futures Project

Bride of Fronkensteen is a complex and well-aged blend – six different beers of various ages and pedigrees come together to create a tapestry of taste in this 8.7% monster … that you can’t help but love.

The blend pours dark brown with a white foam. Aromas of black currant, licorice and wine are evident. The flavour consists of baker’s chocolate, dried fruit and offers gentle warmth. The finish is lightly tannic and fruity.


Available Exclusively to Greener Futures Members.

Technical Specs

  • ALC/VOL: 8.7 %
  • INGREDIENTS: CONTAINS: Barley, wheat, milk ingredients
  • BARRELS: Bourbon, white wine
  • GLASSWARE: 8-11° C