49° 54°

Conceived collaboratively with Fogo Island Inn, 49° 54° is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of one of Canada’s oldest settlements, Newfoundland’s Fogo Island. The recipe includes Newfoundland partridgeberries and sea salt foraged from the island, and malt smoked with myrrh collected from Island pine, spruce and fir. A $1,500 donation from sales of 49° 54° will benefit the Shorefast Foundation (www.shorefast.org).

Fogo Island myrrh-smoked gose
6.7 % • Wild Oat

History & Style:

49° 54° is the first in a series of beers Beau’s will brew with friends across the nation to honour Ottawa 2017, a year-long celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. Gose is a German beer style that originated in and around the Saxon town of Leipzig. The saltiness, which typifies the style, is attributable to the mineral-rich aquifers that supplied the water for brew houses in the region. Our Fogo Island version of the style adds in the elements of hand-smoked malt and tart Newfoundland partridgeberries for a taste of the local terroir.

Tasting Notes:

49° 54° pours hazy orange. Aromas are earthy and woody, mingled with mild fruitiness from the Newfoundland partridgeberries. Flavours are of smoky incense and brine, mildly tart berry, along with earthy, woody elements and evergreen sap. The finish is of lingering incense, with nicely balanced sweetness.

Food Pairings:

Smoked cod, perogies with sour cream, partridgeberry tart.

Technical Specs

  • ALC/VOL: 6.7 %
  • INGREDIENTS: Local spring water, organic barley and wheat malts, Newfoundland partridgeberries, organic hops, sea salt, brewer's yeast.
  • MALTS: Pilsner, myrrh-smoked wheat, acidulated, carafoam (all organic)
  • HOPS: Organic strisselspalt, organic simcoe
  • YEAST: Belgian wit ale yeast
  • IBU’S: 35
  • OG: 15.3
  • FG: 2.5
  • SERVING TEMP.: 6-8 C
  • GLASSWARE: Toscana